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Other Luxembourg Special Needs Support Organisations

Although Dyslexia and the ‘DYS’ related educational needs are the main focus of support from the group, Dyspel does have information and local contact points for other Education Needs such as Autism,

For further information contact one of the committee members or the relevant association below.

Other Luxembourg Associations

Fairness asbl
Association luxembourgoise d’aide et de reserche des troubles de la perception dans l’enfance, la jeunesse et L’âge adulte.

Dyslexie, ADHD et Hyperkinésie.
8, rue Notre Dame,
L-2240 Luxembourg.

Tel: 26 27 09 92 (93)

Eltereninitiativ Hyperaktiv Kanner asbl
20 am Haapgaart,
L-5239 Sandweiler.

Tel: 35 57 77

Association de parents de personnes atteintes d’autisme
37, rue Michel Weltern,
L-27 30 Luxembourg.

Eltern a Pedagoge fir Integration asbl
B.P. 489,
L-2041 Luxembourg.

Tel: Mme J. Ury 78 92 71

Trisomie 21 Lëtzebuerg asbl
11, rue Belle-Vue,
L-7350 Lorentsweiler.

Tel: M. Mergen 80 25 85 / 80 34 80

Association d’Aide aux Personnes Epileptiques (A.A.P.E)
8 rue Verte,
L-3592 Dudelange.

Tel/fax: 52 52 91

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