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  Success Story

Grand Duchess Maria-Thérésa
A message from our Patron – H.R.H. The Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

The brochure published by DYSPEL on the various problems linked to dyslexia and similar difficulties will certainly be a great help for all those who must live with these problems: parents, teachers and, of course, the children and students themselves.

I am pleased to note that DYSPEL handles dyslexia not just from a theoretical point of view, but that it considers the specific difficulties children are experiencing in the schooling environment in Luxembourg with its multi-lingual education and its multi-cultural society.

It is important to tell dyslexic children what their specific problem is as compared to their colleagues and friends, to show them how to live best with dyslexia, and to teach them the skills which will enable them to face academic demands.

Dyspel, as an organisation, has certainly a major role to play in various fields: informing those in need as well as those capable of providing help, bringing together parents and teachers, disseminating widely the latest news and results from academia.



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