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Lynne Polak

Lynne Polak, former DYSPEL Vice-president and Secretary, passed away

Lynne Polak, our former Vice-president and Secretary, regrettably passed away on 22 February.

Lynne joined DYSPEL in 2004 when she and her family returned to Luxembourg after having lived in Geneva for several years. Lynne, who was constantly enthusiastic and smiling, contributed a lot to the development of DYSPEL and she always pushed the Committee to higher standards, working very hard herself to achieve the best for people with dyslexia in Luxembourg and in Europe.

Her contribution to the 2nd All European Conference on Dyslexia organised by DYSPEL and the European Dyslexia Association, in Luxembourg, was very much appreciated by the EDA Board Directors, all keynote speakers and participants.

Lynne wrote in one of her AGM reports: “I spent a lot of time on setting up and trying to promote the DYSPEL Monthly Conference cycle by inserting our logo and monthly ads in the local press, using their not-very-user-friendly systems, translating pages of the website, answering occasional requests for help, attending most of the Drop-In meetings, the conferences, as well as the Forum des Bénévoles, and working with Raymond and a production company on another ill-fated plan, the dyslexic awareness raising cinema spot!”

I will continue working on that ill-fated plan and I would be very proud if DYSPEL could finalise that so much wanted dyslexic awareness raising cinema spot, in memory of Lynne.

The DYSPEL Committee and I express our warmest feelings of moral support to Lynne’s husband Ramon, their two sons Matias and Lorenzo, her mother Leonie and family.

If you would like to send a message to Lynne’s family, you can use following email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Raymond Claes
Chairman of DYSPEL