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Committee News

Members of the committee have been busy working on a number of projects.

Firstly, the website has been drastically improved. Our Webmaster, Jari Pekki has done a lot of work on the technical side – Lynn and Tilly have both made large contributions to content and translation. Many thanks to all of them! The new-look website is now available in French, German and English. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look on Please let us know what you think about it.

Secondly, the DYPATEC Guide for Parents is now available as a pdf, which can be downloaded from the website. There are seven languages to choose from.

Thirdly, a press release has been sent to all the major papers and broadcasters in Luxembourg, reminding them of our existence and telling them about our new website. Please keep any press cuttings about Dyspel – we don’t always see them.

In the last newsletter, we announced that the Drop-in Centre would close at the end of March. This, in fact, hasn’t happened yet, but it is still the plan. Watch the website for further information! However, our receptionist Maggy Klein has now moved to a new job – Dyspel thanks her for all her hard work and wishes her well for the future. For the time being, Raymond’s daughter, Emma, is staffing the office weekday afternoons from 12 until 5 pm.

First Monday of every month
7pm till 8:30pm
‘La Citronnelle’ 2 rue Henri Vll, Limpertsberg

Situated on the corner with avenue Faïencerie, this is small café, which serves drinks and light snacks. Our members speak French, Luxembourgish, German and English. You can come to ask questions and find practical information, exchange experiences with other parents and educators, or discuss recent research.

Future meetings: 2nd June, 7th July 2008


Dyspel a.s.b.l., 33 avenue Victor Hugo, Luxembourg L-1750
Tel: 26478505

Learning tip of the month

Writing a story – a list of helpful hints for story writing, to be used according to age, working style, ability of the student and his/her needs at the time. These should be introduced slowly and individually.

  • Starting point – give the content of a story using pictures.
  • Write “check-cards” in different colours (15 cm x 15 cm) with questions like: WHO ? WHAT DOES HE/SHE LOOK LIKE? WHEN? WHERE? WITH WHOM? WITH WHAT? HOW? WHY? Bind these cards together in one corner with a string.
  • Collect ideas and write them down in a diagram (“mind mapping”).
  • Tell the story orally.
  • Write the story on a computer, preferably with a spell-checker.
  • Once the story is written – use the check-cards to fill in any missing information.
  • Final checks – are there paragraphs for each new episode in the story (when there is a change)? Have I put in direct speech? Have I used all my senses? Are there adjectives? Consider using a 2nd set of check-cards for these corrections.
  • Read the story to a friend and correct it together with him/her.
Tilly Weber

Dyslexia affects English, Chinese learners differently

Dyslexia affects children's brains differently depending on whether they are learning in English or Chinese, according to a study published Monday (April 7th 2008) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. "This finding was very surprising to us. We had not ever thought that dyslexics' brains are different for children who read in English and Chinese," said lead author Li-Hai Tan, a University of Hong Kong professor of linguistics and cognitive sciences. "Our finding yields neurobiological clues to the cause of dyslexia." For the full article, see Education Week (premium article access compliments of Press

This article was found by subscribing to CEC SmartBrief, a daily summary of special education news. See for more information.

And finally…

For German and French speaking families, please don’t forget to complete the questionnaires, which accompanied the last newsletter. This would greatly help Tilly plan her course for parents. If you no longer have the questionnaire, you can complete it on-line on the website. Please tell your friends too.

The next newsletter is due out at the end of June. If you have any suggestions or contributions, please contact Alison Wilson (e-mail or tel. 313717)

Last Updated ( Friday, 13 June 2008 )

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