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Course for ParentsDyspel will offer a course for parents in French and/or German with practical tips on study techniques for dyslexic students.  In order to answer your needs, we ask you to complete the attached form.

Thank you very much!

Last Updated ( Monday, 21 April 2008 )
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Thursday, 12 June 2008

article thumbnaiCommittee News Members of the committee have been busy working on a number of projects. Firstly, the website has been drastically improved. Our Webmaster, Jari Pekki has done a lot of work...
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Dyslexia News

  • Remedial Instruction Rewires Dyslexic Brains, Provides Lasting Results, Carnegie Mellon Study Shows
    A new Carnegie Mellon University brain imaging study of dyslexic students and...
  • Neuro-Education: Carnegie Mellon Brain Imaging Study Illustrates How Remedial Instruction Helps Poor Readers
    Just as a disciplined exercise regimen helps human muscles become stronger and...
  • Bercow Review: Speech, Language & Communication Services For Children And Young People Must Improve, UK
    Children and young people must be given the support they need to...

Dypatec Guide for Parents

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