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  • Publication of: 'Dyslexia: Strategies for success at school' in German, French, Portuguese and English.
  • 2 international symposiums (2006 and 2007) on dyslexia and other learning difficulties, with international experts giving conferences and leading workshops.
  • Local organization of the European Dyslexia Association's (EDA) last symposium in Luxembourg (2007).
  • Participation in the EU Socrates (Grundtvig) DYPATEC programme which resulted in the publication of a guide for parents of dyslexic children. Thanks to the collaboration of parents, the guide is presented in a way that is understandable and accessible, while at the same time taking into account the latest scientific research, with contributions from experts in various areas. The guide – financed by the European Commission -  is available in several languages on the DYSPEL website in the 'publications' section. For any further information on the DYPATEC project, see specific section on the website.
  • Conferences by experts such as Elke SCHNEIDER (multi-sensorial learning of German for English language students)
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