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Children attending classes in the regular school system: 
actual situation in Luxembourg

A) Rights for Parents

  • in general: complaints about school: address yourself to the representative person of the National Ministry of Education, the „Ombudsman“, Mister Marc Fischbach; Tel.: (00352) 26 27 01 01;
  • pre-school: „demande d’orientation anticipée“ allows you to get to the first year of primary school one year earlier
  • primary school: parents have the right to decide whether a child should go to a „classe orthophonique“ or not; parents have the right to decide whether a child has to repeat a school year or not;
  • 6th class, primary school: decision as to which secondary school the child has to be oriented: parents who do not agree with the decision of the „conseil d’orientation“ can send their child to a special „exam“ : a) immediately if the „conseil d’orientation“ said „secondaire technique (ST)“ and parents want the child to go to „secondaire classique (ES)“; b) filling in a special questionnaire the teacher gives you after asking him, if the „conseil d’orientation“ has decided for „modulaire“ and parents want their child to go to „secondaire technique“; a group of specialists decides whether the child is allowed to be tested by a special „exam“ or not to get access to the „secondaire technique (ST)“  . If the “Conseil d’orientation” says “7ième ADAPT” this is not an obligation; parents may, if they want, have the right to send their child to the ST. 
  • secondary school: choice between private or public schools; some private schools have a so-called “convention avec l’Etat”: this means that you can get financial support by government; the less parents earn, the more financial support they get; ask for an appointment with the “direction” or the CPOS-service of the school to be informed about the costs for the school for your personal situation; no need to contact the local “assistante sociale” for this kind of support.

B) Where to get diagnosis / help?


  • diagnose, primary school: you can phone to the local “Service de guidance” (ask the school teacher for the address) to get your child tested; important: ask for a person who specifically knows about dyslexia!! – non paying
  • help, secondary school: in each building there is an office called CSPOS (centre de service psychologique et d’orientation scolaire); phone there an ask for an appointment; - non paying
  • help, specific learning difficulties: DYSPEL office: 33, avenue Victor Hugo, L-1750 LUXEMBOURG; e-mail: ; website: https://dyspel.org/

diagnose + professional support, motor difficulties (problems with the movements of the body, specific or general):

  • SCAP, Val St André, L-1128 Luxembourg, tel.: 26 44 48 – 24
    Fax: 26 44 48 - 48.
    Generally you can get help through school: contact the teacher and ask him to get the child tested by SCAP; non paying;

diagnose + professional support, language problems:

  • speech therapist, having a speciality in dyslexia: you can find addresses and phone numbers in the yellow pages under „orthophonist“; ask the so called “orthophonist”, if he / she knows specifically about dyslexia – paying
    – DYSPEL has a list of those “orthophonists”
  • LOS: German association – special computer programs- the child has to go there twice a week – paying; tel.: 0049 – 651 759 75 ;
    fax: 49- 172 681 110 52
    Dudelange: rue Rischepont (Ecole); Ettelbruck : place de la Libération

C) Materials to work with/literature:

  • Dyspel office, 33, avenue Victor Hugo, L-1750 LUXEMBOURG;: you can borrow some materials there, try to work with them at home before buying them
  • Dyspel office, 33, avenue Victor Hugo, L-1750 LUXEMBOURG;:
    brochure with very concrete advice (general and specific); 
  • Catalogue: Schubi, Germany: tel nr where you can ask for a catalogue: 0049 - 531 708 85 71; website: http://www.schubi.de/; e-mail:


  • “Damit habe ich es gelernt” : concrete hints for parents how to help their child and how to make materials on your own; easy for everybody to realize; reference: Herausgeber: Bernd GANSER, Auer Verlag, ISBN: 3 - 403 – 03152 -7;
  • Computer programs: Eugen Traeger Verlag, Hoher Esch 45, D-49504 Lotte: price for each: 49,90 Euro
    • Universelles Worttraining; Bestellnr U11E
    • Universelles Lesetraining; Bestellnr UL1E
    • MIMAMO; Bestellnr MI2E
    • Höre – Sehen – Schreiben; Bestellnr H33E
  • Computer program, where you can change and adapt speed, degree of difficulty and where you can choose between long or short words: “Tintenklex”; http://www.legasthenie-software.de/; Jürgen Frerichs, Eichenweg 6, D-24351 DAMP, price: 39 Euro


  • Computer program for young children starting to learn French as a foreign language: “Französisch für Kids, spielend Französisch lernen”, Heureka Klett, CD-Rom
     (Win 3.1 / -Win 95)

French, German and English:

  • parents guide about dyslexia published by DYPATEC: very practical hints for parents; available on the website of DYSPEL
    https://dyspel.org/ under DYPATEC
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