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PS02 – The impact of an early literacy program (focusing on early literacy) (EN) Print E-mail

Name: Nalan Babur, Ph.D. & Seyda İşman

Nalan Babur (Ph.D.) is specialized on reading and learning disabilities and is currently offering courses on the instruction of children with learning disabilities. She is an assistant professor in the department of Primary Education at Bogazici University.


Şeyda İşman (M.A.) works in a primary school in Istanbul. She is graduated in psychology and has a master degree in forensic psychology.

Institution: Boğazici University and Göztepe Halil Türkkan Primary School

Country: Turkey

Language: English


Title of poster

The impact of an early literacy program (focusing on early literacy)



  • training in language skills for preschool and kindergarten teachers (used in Turkey for kindergarten children with and without risk for developing literacy skills)
  • print knowledge
  • training of phonological awareness to teach early literacy skills.



  • increase knowledge and skills of preschool and kindergarten teachers in teaching language and early reading skills for children who are at risk for reading failure.
  • prepare young children with cognitive language, and early reading skills to prevent reading difficulties and enhance school success.


Saturday: 10:00 - 11:00

Results after the poster


  • provide teachers with knowledge and skills in teaching phonological awareness and early reading skills.
  • provide a program that will promote early literacy development among children.

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15/11/07 Second All-European Dyslexia Conference 2007