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Governmental Organisations

Service rééducatif ambulatoire (SREA)

17a route de Longwy, L-8080 Bertrange

Tel: 264444-1
Fax: 264444-50

(Please select the 'services' button.)

Service de Consultation et d'Aide Psychomotrice (SCAP)

This organisation provides assessment and support not only for dyslexics but children with attention issues. After initial testing, SCAP work with parents and teachers to provide support in the home and school.

Centre de Logopédie

Val St André, L-1128 Luxembourg

Tel: 445565-1
Fax: 250908

Centre de psychologie et d'orientation scolaires (CPOS)

CPOS is mainly for children already in secondary education or in the final year of primary education. However, younger children can attend a group for German/Lux-speaking children with dyslexia, which is currently being organised on Saturday mornings. Contact Patrick Theisen for details, on tel:45 64 64 -620 e-mail:

280 route de Longwy, L-1940 Luxembourg

Tel: 45 64 64-1
Fax: 45 45 44

Private organisations

LOS (Lehrinstitut für Orthographie und Schreibtechnik)

c/o Marlene Lichtmess,
Brotstrasse 33,
D-54290 Trier

Tel: +49 6517 5975
Fax: +49 6517 5904


This is a commercial organisation, which has centres at Dudelange, Esch and Trier, and runs after school classes in German. Part of the time is spent on a structured computer spelling programme and part in groups with a teacher. This programme has to be paid for, but some communes will agree to help towards the fees.

Publically listed speech therapists (Orthophonistes/Logopäden)

These professionals are often used to provide dyslexia assessments, which is generally accepted by educationalists. Please click on the above link to get a full telephone listing.

New (2004) private bureau in Grevenmacher

Sabine Kuhn (Diplome in Legasthenietrainer)
26 route de Trèves,
L-6793 Grevenmacher

Tel: 26 72 92 73


Provides testing and support classes in dyslexia and dyscalculia for children and adults.

Praxis für integrative Lerntherapie

Hans Ewertz
Dauner Strasse 1
D-54634 Bitburg

Tel: 0049 6561-941652
0049 6561-3064


Hans Ewertz, an ergotherapist and also dyslexic-trainer, has a practice in Bitburg, Germany.

Community Help Service - Brussels

Children's Department - provides assessments of English speaking children

Rue St Georges 102,
B-1050 Brussels, Belgique.

Tél: (+32) 2 647 67 80

Special Needs Support Associations in Luxembourg


Although dyslexia and the 'dys'-related educational needs are the main focus of support in Dyspel, it does also have information and local contact points for other special educational needs, such as autism.

For further information, contact Dyspel at or the relevant association below.

Other Luxembourg Associations

Fairness asbl

Association luxembourgoise d'aide et de reserche des troubles de la perception dans l'enfance, la jeunesse et L’âge adulte.

Dyslexie, ADHD et Hyperkinésie.

8, rue Notre Dame,
L-2240 Luxembourg.
Tel: 26 27 09 92 (93)

Mc2 asbl, denk endlech anescht

Eltereninitiativ Hyperaktiv Kanner asbl

21 rue Jean Jaurés,
L-1836 Luxembourg
Tel: 35 57 77

Association de parents de personnes atteintes d'autisme

37, rue Michel Weltern,
L-27 30 Luxembourg.

Eltern a Pedagoge fir Integration asbl

B.P. 489,
L-2041 Luxembourg.

Tel: Mme J. Ury 78 92 71

Trisomie 21 Lëtzebuerg asbl

11, rue Belle-Vue,
L-7350 Lorentsweiler.

Tel: M. Mergen 80 25 85 / 80 34 80

Association d’Aide aux Personnes Epileptiques (A.A.P.E)

8, rue Verte,
L-3592 Dudelange.

Tel/fax: 52 52 91

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