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Parents' First Steps

What to do, when you see your child has a problem at school?

Have you spoken to your child's teacher and inspector?

Have you spoken to your family doctor? Medical referrals can sometimes be reimbursed by the Caisse de maladie.

Has your child been assessed or tested for dyslexia by your local „Service de Guidance“, by SREA or by a speech therapist?

A professional test and full assessment is essential.

  • If the teacher or inspector thinks your child should be tested, the usual way is for him/her to be sent to your local „Service de Guidance“, or to the Service rééducatif ambulatoire (SREA). These organisations are responsible for testing and diagnosis. They can also help obtain support for the child if necessary and if possible.
  • There is also an equivalent Service Pedagogique Rééducatif for children at schools in Luxembourg Ville at 110, avenue Gaston Diderich.
  • If your child is very young (under 6 years old) you should approach the Centre Logopédie.
  • Orthophonists can have special dyslexia training, and so can often offer the best support. There is an association of independent orthophonists (ALO), however their fees are not covered by local medical insurance.
  • Have you had your child's sight (specific tests to measure the eyes’ focalisation) and hearing  (including specific tests to measure the filtering of secondary sounds) tested?
  • If your child has attention and concentration problems or is hyperactive, contact EHK and SCAP.

Finding Help

If your child already has been diagnosed, then go to Service rééducatif ambulatoire (SREA). They usually accept the diagnosis and do provide help, either seeing the child after school or during school hours. The results vary depending on how trained and experienced the SREA educator is and the dynamics with the class teacher.

Difficult to read

The Ministry of Education is currently setting up regional centres to help more children with problems, so ask your inspector or SREA about these. 
Speech therapists (Orthophonists) can help the dyslexic child with reading and spelling but this is not always reimbursed. 

If writing is a problem, they may go to a psychomotricien who will help the child improve his/her motor skills and practise his/her writing skills.

There is no magic solution. Dyslexia is not curable but neither does it mean that the child is stupid. With the right help a dyslexic person can accomplish anything. Unfortunately professional help is still very limited in Luxembourg. Therefore it is up to all parents to demand that it becomes available. Join Dyspel and support this work.

DYSPEL has a well-stocked library with books, videos and articles which can be borrowed by members.

For contact details on various organisations which can help please click here.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 09 April 2008 )

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