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Committee News

Members of the committee have been busy working on a number of projects.

Firstly, the website has been drastically improved. Our Webmaster, Jari Pekki has done a lot of work on the technical side – Lynn and Tilly have both made large contributions to content and translation. Many thanks to all of them! The new-look website is now available in French, German and English. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look on https://dyspel.org. Please let us know what you think about it.

Secondly, the DYPATEC Guide for Parents is now available as a pdf, which can be downloaded from the website. There are seven languages to choose from.

Thirdly, a press release has been sent to all the major papers and broadcasters in Luxembourg, reminding them of our existence and telling them about our new website. Please keep any press cuttings about Dyspel – we don’t always see them.

In the last newsletter, we announced that the Drop-in Centre would close at the end of March. This, in fact, hasn’t happened yet, but it is still the plan. Watch the website for further information! However, our receptionist Maggy Klein has now moved to a new job – Dyspel thanks her for all her hard work and wishes her well for the future. For the time being, Raymond’s daughter, Emma, is staffing the office weekday afternoons from 12 until 5 pm.

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The AGM was held on 28th November 2007 in Walferdange and attended by 8 people. Despite the low numbers, there was a lively discussion. The minutes will be circulated and can also be viewed on the website. From now on, a copy of the newsletter will also be on the website.

It was announced at this meeting that the Drop-in Centre is to be closed. This is because it is expensive to run, and also not well used. The library will be re-housed elsewhere, hopefully remaining easily accessible to members. The website will be developed further. At the time of writing, the expected date of closure is

· 31/03/08

Various new initiatives are in the pipeline, including a monthly drop-in meeting at a central venue, every first Monday of the month (see below).

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