Dyslexia and Special Education Needs in Luxembourg


Welcome to the Dyspel web-site:

Dyspel asbl is a support group for families and professionals in Luxembourg with an interest in dyslexia and other special educational needs run entirely by volunteers.

The objectives of the group are to raise awareness of the plight of children who require a different style of teaching, regardless of nationality or school they attend, to share information and to support parents as they try to find the best educational solution for their child.


At Dyspel, we understand how it feels to have a child who isnít making the normal progress at school, of struggling to find out what the problem is and of coming to terms with it. We know the frustration of trying to get appropriate help and of going round in circles or meeting a brick wall because the very people we look to for help donít always have the answers.

Early diagnosis is the vital first step to getting the right help and we hope that this site will help you access the information you need, but because each child and each familyís situation is unique it is impossible, in this limited space, to provide everything for everyone. Dyspel is a network and we aim to put individuals in contact with others who have experience in similar areas, so donít hesitate to call so we can find a volunteer who can best help you through the information and services available. All contacts are strictly confidential.

Your experience can also help us build up the Dyspel pool of knowledge, which in turn can help others, so please make contact. Just talking things through can help release stress and make things seem clearer.

Contact: Diane Dalrymple 31 78 10 or Louise McDowell 40 00 51