Dyslexia and Special Education Needs in Luxembourg

Parents First Steps

What to do?

When you see your child has a problem at school:

  1. Have you spoken to your child’s teacher and inspector?
  2. Have you spoken to your family doctor ? – medical referrals can sometimes be reimbursed by the Caisse de maladie.
  3. Has your child been assessed or tested?
  4. A professional assessment or test is essential

4. Finding Help

c/o Marlene Lichtmess, Brotstrasse 33, D-54290 Trier.

Tel: +49 651 75975 fax: +49 651 75904 email:

This is a commercial organisation with has centres at Dudelange, Esch and Trier, which runs after school classes in German. Part of the time is spent on a structured computer spelling programme and part in groups with a teacher. This programme is has to be paid for.


There is no magic solution. Dyslexia is not curable but neither does it mean that the child is stupid. With the right help a dyslexic person can accomplish anything. Unfortunately professional help is very limited in Luxembourg. Therefore it is up to all parents to demand that it becomes available. Join Dyspel and support this work.

DYSPEL Library. Books, videos and articles.

There are a few English speaking, specially trained teachers in Luxembourg. Dyspel is running a multilingual Postgraduate Teacher Training Course to provide more specialist teachers, starting 3 October 2002.